How To Save on your Cell Phone Bill

Canadians pay some of the highest prices for cell phone plans in the entire world. It's hard to imagine that in a developed, affluent country like ours that our prices could be on average 50% higher than anywhere else but it's true! One of the main reasons for this is we only have 3 big companies to cover our vast geographic area. When all you have is 3 choices, the plan offerings can be slim and the competitive pressure to lower prices is lower. It can be difficult to compare the market mobile phone contracts available.

However, if you happen to be lucky enough to live in the prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, you often pay close to HALF what every other Canadian pays! Why is that? These two provinces have a FOURTH option in the form of crown corporations Sasktel and Manitoba Telecom. As a result, their prices are brought down as the 'big 3' of Rogers, Telus, and Bell are forced to compete. They get the best low price cell phone plan deals while the rest of the country does not!

While this certainly sounds unfair (because it is), there is a solution! Cell Savings Canada offers to bring you these LOWER plan prices to YOUR area! You don't have to move, change address, or change anything about your account. Cell Savings Canada has figured out a way to exploit loopholes in the system and access these prices on your behalf! The savings can range from 600$ to over 1000$ a year! These are the cheapest cell phone plans you can possibly get anywhere in Canada. All you have to do is follow the simple processes in our instructions pages, and we take care of the rest!

We only require a small one time fee after we finish and you verify everything yourself. There is no risk involved and you can keep your phone number! Try our process today and start saving by switching to our mobile phone plan deals.