Wind / Freedom Mobile Won't Save you Money In The Long Run

If you are sick and tired of overpaying for your cell phone plans at the Big 3, Freedom mobile is not the answer. Here's why: Freedom mobile operates on a different spectrum of the wireless band than Rogers, Telus, or Bell. What does that mean for you as a consumer? It means poor reception, poor call quality, and dropped calls. This can be difficult for those who want to compare the market cell phone contracts because there are not many options.

The reason for this is that the spectrum of the wireless band that Freedom Mobile owns is scientifically incapable of penetrating buildings or natural elements (like trees) very well. No matter how many towers they build or how many promises they make to improve their network it will NEVER be as good as that of Rogers, Telus, or Bell. The good phone plan deals offered may not seem that way once you realize this.

Unfortunately, it is for that very reason that the Big 3 telecoms don't feel compelled to match Freedom mobile's prices. They are well aware that they have a superior network and that customers will be frustrated once they try out Freedom mobile. However, there are solutions for those looking for cell phone plans.

The best way to get the best smartphone deals and plans is by getting the best deal possible with the big 3 telecom companies. In certain markets in Canada, they do lower their prices to compete with local crown corporations. If you don't live in those areas (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec) then you won't be able to get those lower rates in store. These cell plan deals are normally only reserved for those residents.

However, Cell Savings Canada was created to offer those rates to EVERYONE in Canada. By following the simple steps on the instructions pages for the plan you are interested in, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year while keeping the same great reception and call quality that you have come to expect! We are the leaders of offering these great mobile phone plans. All of them are talk and text unlimited cell phone plans with great data rates. So signup today and start saving!