Which Company offers the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

It may appear to the average Canadian that we have a strong and vibrant marketplace for cell phone providers, especially when they compare the market cell phone contracts for low price cell phone plans. However, it is only a superficial illusion. There are really only 3 big companies that offer plans nationwide: Rogers, Telus, and Bell. Freedom mobile is also offered however as they operate on an inferior spectrum of the wireless band, their call quality and network will always be worse so they shouldn't be considered.

Now, what about all the brands you see advertised? They are all owned by the big 3! Virgin is owned by Bell, Chatr and Fido are owned by Rogers, and Koodo is owned by Telus. The call quality and reception will be the same regardless of which one you go with. However, because all these other brands are still owned by their parent companies, there is no reason for them to lower their prices and honestly compete. So the cheapest cell phone plans are not easy to come by.

The only real areas of the country where prices are lower are In the prairies. In the prairie provinces (Saskatchewan, Manitoba), there are crown corporations setup to compete with the big 3. Sasktel and Manitoba telecom ensure that their prices are often more than 50% lower than elsewhere in Canada! They frequently have the best cell phone plan deals anywhere. If you live in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, or Prince Edward Island, you won't have that option if you go to the store and will be paying hundreds to thousands of dollars more a year!

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