My Number is Currently With Koodo Prepaid - $89 one time fee

Please read these instructions carefully. You must follow each step exactly or you may not be eligible for our special rates.
We advise NOT SHARING this with any reps as we are saving you hundreds of dollars a year by applying a discount and they may not be happy about it!

Step 1:

If you are an existing PREPAID Koodo customer KEEP YOUR PREPAID PLAN and simply open a SECOND new number on ANY new POSTPAID plan. Get a phone on tab if you want.

Step 2:

What this means is you will temporarily have 2 plans with Koodo : 1 prepaid plan with your existing number and 1 new number on a new postpaid plan.

Step 3:

Fill out our registration form once ready with all relevant information IMMEDIATELY. We will modify the new postpaid plan to have the discount. We will then port your number from the old prepaid plan to the new plan on the new sim card.

Step 4:

Once we are finished, your old prepaid plan will be automatically cancelled. You will end up with only the 1 discount postpaid plan with your number on it.

Step 5:

Once we have completed processing the account and you're all set, we will provide you with payment instructions. You do not have to pay until you verify and are satisfied. However, please make the payment in a timely manner to avoid plan cancellation. We accept payment via e-transfer ONLY.

Now that you are aware of our process – you must have many questions. While we love to answer all inquiries, we are extremely busy and it may take some time for us to answer. Please take a look at the following resources for answers and insight into our services:

• Our website's Question Page:

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