Currently Don't Have A Number With Any Provider

Please read these instructions carefully. You must follow each step exactly or you may not be eligible for our special rates.
We advise NOT SHARING this with any reps as we are saving you hundreds of dollars a year by applying a discount and they may not be happy about it!

$99 one time fee (PAY AFTER WE FINISH)

Before Starting:

• We recommend you bring your own device (BYOD) for this plan to avoid a contract. Any unlocked or Telus/Koodo phone will work.

• You can get a device balance/TAB at Koodo and we are still able to discount the price. It will be our discount rate + phone tab (10$ to 40$) monthly once we finish.

Step 1: Visit Koodo

• Visit any Koodo authorized retailer or reseller
• Online Koodo store (last resort only - recommended to visit store for faster setup times)

Step 2: Activate a New Number

• Activate any NEW Monthly *not prepaid* plan with a NEW phone number. You can pick ANY monthly postpaid plan with or without a device balance as long as it is NOT a prepaid plan (pay in advance).

• Pick any NEW number at the store - this number can't be kept. We will provide a new number with local area code of your choice upon completion

• Please ensure you have tested the new sim card/phone at least once in your phone.

Step 3: Create a Self-Serve Account

• Once you get home from the store, create a Koodo Self-Serve account online. This is required before moving onto the next step. Visit to register a self-serve account with Koodo.

Step 4: Send us the Details IMMEDIATELY

• Please visit and enter your account information IMMEDIATELY. Once we receive the information we will provide you with a completion date. The changes can take several days (14-20 on average)

• We can also provide a new number of your choice if you'd like - simply indicate it on the account submission form.

Step 5: Completion and Payment - One Time Charge (NO TAX!)

• Once we have completed processing the account and you're all set, we will provide you with payment instructions. You do not have to pay until you verify and are satisfied. However, please make the payment in a timely manner to avoid plan cancellation. We accept payment via e-transfer ONLY.

Now that you are aware of our process – you must have many questions. While we love to answer all inquiries, we are extremely busy and it may take some time for us to answer. Please take a look at the following resources for answers and insight into our services:

• Our website's Question Page:

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