Frequently Asked Questions

How does our service work?

Q: Are you independently owned or a subsidiary of a telecom company?
We are independently run. All trademarks appearing on this site are property of their respective owners. Koodo is a trademark owned by Telus Corporation.

Q: How are you able to offer these plans?
We've been involved in the mobile industry for many years. We have sales, management back-end infrastructure, marketing and advertising experience. We have had multiple partnerships with top Canadian service providers to bring our customers un-heard of plans at unprecedented rates. Currently, we're able to offer many plans at a discounted rate due to provincial differences in pricing plans.

Q: What happens to my existing plan/contract when you switch me over?
It is AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED when we complete the porting. DO NOT cancel your current plan yet until we are done if you want to keep your existing number. All you owe is any remaining device balance there should not be any excessive 'cancellation fee'

Q: What plans are available?
Our plans are based on availability and demand. We operate on a first come first serve basis and usually sell out very quick. Please check frequently as we update our offers regularly. Take a look at our Available Plans page to see our current offers

Q: Do we have to be in Ontario/Alberta/BC etc. to qualify?
Our services are available across the nation, it does not matter where you live. If you live in Canada - you're eligible!

Q: Can I stay with my current provider?
We have plans with several different providers at any given moment. The providers are clearly specified on our Available Plans page. For example, if a plan is with Koodo - it can only be set up with Koodo and not any other carrier.

Q: Can I keep my existing number?
It depends on the provider. Check our available plans and instructions page to see if we can port your number to the specific plan you are interested in. We help you port over your number to our plans – no need to do anything on your end.

Q: Are these plans contracts?
It depends on which plan you choose. If you choose a BYOD plan – the plans will have NO contract. If you purchase a phone on contract, you guessed it, you will be on a contract

Q: What is BYOD?
BYOD stands for 'Bring Your Own Device'. Also known as BYOP or 'Bring Your Own Phone'.These terms refer to a monthly, no contract plan. Take a look at our Available Plans page to see our current offers.

Q: Should I cancel or de-activate service with my current provider?
Absolutely not! If you cancel or de-activate your current account, you will lose the number. If you want to port your number over to one of our plans - it must remain active and in good standing with your current service provider.

Q: What is a Port?
Porting is simply a technical word for transferring a phone number from one service provider to another.

Q: How long does the whole process take?
Our services are first come, first serve to ensure fairness. Each plan only takes us approx. 30 minutes if you are using a new number. However, the plan can only be changed once your first billing cycle starts, and if it is a new activation it must be a minimum 14 days from activation. On average it takes 14-20 days to process. Once you submit information you will get a tentative estimate of time to completion. We will be in constant contact with you to keep you posted of any updates.

Q: How much does it cost? Do I pay upfront?
Our fees vary depending on the plan you choose. The fees are listed on the pages of the selected plans. We ONLY accept payment after your order is complete and you are fully satisfied!

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Interac E-Transfer. Click here to read more about Interac E-Transfer. Again, you only pay AFTER you are fully satisfied with our services!

Q: What additional costs are associated by activating a plan?
We only charge our fee for plans. The store may or may not charge you an activation fee. This is between you and the store.

Q: What is the process involved in purchasing one of these plans?
Click our Instructions page and fill out your contact information. You will be emailed instructions on how to get started.

Q: Can you give me a discount if I purchase x amount of plans?
While we believe our fee is fair in return for the hundreds to thousands in savings we provide, feel free to contact us with your proposal. We are always willing to discuss long term partnerships.

Q: Do you have a retail store?
We do not operate in a physical location. Our services are provided securely through online channels. We communicate through SMS, phone, and e-mail, and we accept payment through Interac E transfer. Also, our customers safety and privacy is enhanced by having their accounts initially activated at their nearest authorized retailer.

Q: Is this safe?
100% - We put our customers satisfaction first, which means all of your information is handled with the utmost security. Our process is designed to be completely safe and secure. We only take payment after your plan change is delivered. Secondly, we have great reviews and have been mentioned in top news publications in Canada such as Huffington Post, CBC and The Globe and Mail. You can also take a look at some of our reviews by clicking here.

Q: What information do I need to provide you?
Once your temporary account is set up at the store, we ask you to fill out a form with the account information. We will not ask you for any personal identification such as your SIN, or drivers license. If anybody is asking you for this information online – beware!

Q: How will I know my plan is changed?
You can check your online account, call the service provider, or even visit the store! We also send you progress reports on your current order.

Q: Are these corporate plans?
NO! To activate corporate plans you must work for an organization and have legitimate credentials. Faking this is illegal and will result in a fraudulent flag on your account. We do not provide any corporate or small business plans.

Q: Can I call into customer service for day-to-day questions/concerns?
Of course! You will be a normal customer and can call your service provider for any questions or concerns.

Q: Will the plan ever be taken away from me?
No! We have been in business for a very long time and have a 100% retention rate. This means every single plan we've activated since 2012 has continued to work.

Q: Will the plan ever expire?
No! The plan will continue on a month to month basis. The plan will not disappear, be revoked, or expire unless you cancel or stop paying your bills.

Q: Can I port my number over from Rogers / Chatr / Fido, Bell / Virgin, Telus or Wind?
Yes, we can definitely do that for you! Be sure to follow all the steps in our instruction package, and then visit the registration page on our website.

Q: What type of phones will this work on?
This will work on any device - Android, Samsung, LG, Apple Iphone, Blackberry, doesn't matter as long as it is unlocked or compatible with Koodo/Telus network.

Q: Is this similar to the cell phone black market plans I've read about on news articles?
Yes, this has been reported in Mobile Syrup, CBC, Reddit and elsewhere! It's been widely reported by many official, legitimate, trusted sources.

Q: How do you compare to your competitors plans by Joe, plans by Tony, plans by Jamie and plans by Drew
Our customer service and followup are the best in the field. We also offer the best prices. Check out our 'Testimonials' page

Q: What will my first bill look like?
Your first bill with the provider may be higher due to activation fees, partial charges for the days before the plans were changed, and taxes. This is NORMAL. Sometimes (especially if you have a phone tab balance) the provider will put you ahead a bill cycle - that means you will be paying in advance for the following month as well - you are NOT being 'double billed'. Your second bill will reflect the appropriate total for your plan you chose. Read more about it here

Q: Why do I see some phone numbers on my bill that I am not familiar with?
Reading the bill will also be confusing as phone numbers will show that you are not familiar with - this is NORMAL and they will always be there.